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Precast construction method has been adopted as the moulds of standardized precast elements facililates mass production with stringent quality control.

Precast Element Work Project

  • Construction Plays a very important role in economic growth through the multiple effects on the other sectors of the country's economy.

  • Precast construction concept include those structures where the majority of structural components are standardized and produced in plants yards in a location nearer or away from the construction site, and transported to the site location for its assembly.

  • The standardized precast elements facilitate mass production, in order to build large number of buildings in short duration.

  • Precast construction method involves setting up of casting yard, production and stacking, transportation and erection of precast elements Precast constrcution is effective in terms of time, labours requirement, superior quality, better performance and finish, optimal material requirement, less wastage, reduced use of shutterin, desired shape, better finish etc.

  • It is convenient to establish precast yard and to erect the precast elements at (near) site which speeds up the process and contributes towards mitigating delays in large scale construction projects. As this method requires huge initial investments, it is feasible for Large Scale Construction Projects only.

Our Key Services

  • Footing

  • Column

  • Beam

  • Double T, Hollowcore

  • Solid Slab

  • Staircase

  • Cladding (Panel)

  • Parapet Wall

  • Boundary Wall

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